Introducing…. Skin Healthy – Heal & Hydrate H2 Men’s Aftershave Lotion

SHM H2 crop

Skin Healthy Men’s Aftershave Lotion

Product Descriptions H2.2Skin Holistic Man H2

(Heal and Hydrate) is an exceptional new face lotion/moisturizer/aftershave for men. It is designed to be used after shaving to heal, hydrate and provide a protective barrier for the freshly shaven face. The natural, organic ingredients are clinically effective and the potent actives provide important skin health benefits.  Tumeric reduces inflammation, gotu kola stimulates cell renewal and licorice lightens discoloration. Sage, goldenseal, sandlewood and melissa all kill bacteria while soothing the skin and renewing damaged or irritated tissue. The formulation has superior healing qualities and capabilities.  Jojoba oil, which rates zero on the comedogenic scale moisturizes without clogging pores because it is aliquid wax and not a true oil.

50ml (1.5 Fluid Oz.)

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Sea Buckthorn Oil in DermaNew360 Nutritive Cleansing Oil – Anti-aging by Skin Holistic


Skin Holistic Seabuckthorn Oil in DN360 Nutritive Cleansing Oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil

This little wonder berry is found growing wild primarily in China, Mongolia and Russia. It has been used as a food item for a very long time. The said benefits of Seabuckthorn oil range from cancer preventative to cancer treatment….anti-aging wonder berry, antioxidant, cardiovascular health, anti-parasitic, and more.

Skin Holistic features Nutritive Cleansing Oil with Sea Buckthorn Oil

As a topical application for the skin, Seabuckthorn berry and seed oil are hard to match, let alone beat. The reasons for this are varied. There is a rich deep pigment in this berry oil that translates into a potent healing antioxidant for all skin types. The end result of this is fewer lines, diminished sun spots, evening out of skin tone, and firmer more supple skin.

Sea Buckthorn also contains palmitoleic acid, which is present in human skin. For this reason, it is used for burns, wound healing, infections and skin diseases. This oil also has UV-blocking properties, aids in skin regeneration and promotes shiny, healthy hair — just as it did for Khan’s horses in Mongolia.

In a June 2006 study published in China, researchers investigated the therapeutic effects of the oil on burn patients by applying the oil to the dressing. This treatment was given to 151 burn patients who experienced reduced swelling and pain as well as faster skin re-growth than the group receiving only petroleum jelly treatment.

Sea Buckthorn oil is a profound and highly esteemed raw ingredient for consideration in any and all product lines.

Skin Holistic  has sourced the highest quality unfiltered food grade, cold processed Sea Buckthorn oil.

DermaNew360 Anti-aging Nutritive Cleansing Oil is fabulous deep cleansing oil that is a Cleansing Oilblend of jojoba, seabuckthorn, olive oil, meadowfoam and nutritive essential oils.  The perfect make-up remover and  deep cleanser for normal and mature skin.

Usage: Rub in and wash off  with  wash cloth and warm water. It leaves a subtle film on the skin to protect and hydrate without being comedogenic (will not clog pores).  Petroleum-Free.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba Oil), Olea Europaea (Olive Oil Lavandula Augustifolia (Lavender Essential Oil-as an active not as a scent), Citrus X Paradisi (Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil-as an active, not as a scent), Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium Essential Oil-as an active, not as a scent), Organic Passiflora Incarnata (Passionflower), Cannabis Sativa Oil (Hemp Oil), Camellia Oleifera Seed Oil,Calophyllum Inophyllum (Oil of Tamanu), Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn Oil), Triticum Vulgare (Wheat Germ Oil).

.5oz (15ml)  Airless Dispenser




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DNA Repair for the most sensitive of skin!

DNA Repair for the most sensitive of skin!

This month Skin Holistic is excited to introduce the NEW Catalyst Plus+ with an introductory 10% off special  Catalyst Plus+ is an aloe based gel formulation that can be used on the most sensitive of skin.

It’s very important to understand what is going on with Catalyst  and Catalyst.   As you may know,  Catalyst is the first ever DNA repair serum on the market. It corrects and improves skin tags, actinic keratoisis and other skin disturbances that require DNA repair, along with dramatic lightening results to pigmentation and scar tissue revision.


10% off Catalyst & Catalyst Plus+ NOW!

What’s unique about Catalyst Plus+ is that rather the using 10% L-Ascorbic Acid as we        do in Catylst, we’re using 20% Ascorbyl Glucoside in the new Catalyst Plus+ formula.        After long and extensive research I determined that Ascorbyl Glucoside is the most stable form of Vitamin C. The neat thing about this is that it is a sustained released product, giving your skin the time it needs to break apart the glucoside from the L-Ascorbic Acid, and delivering fresh Vitamin C into your skin.

No longer should red bumps or discoloration of the skin occur from oxidized Vitamin C. People with Rosacea will find that this is a better-tolerated formula due to the slow      release of L-Ascorbic Acid into the skin. The new Catalyst Plus+ contains all of the components used to create the zinc finger technology but      with one added attribute, aloe, adding a nice soothing quality about it. Be sure to remind your clients that there may be a response  with purging skin for a couple of weeks after beginning use.

Catalyst Plus+ is a wonderful addition to the strategy and treatment of hyperpigmentation used in combination with  Restore Topical and Restore Internal

Osmosis Internal and Topical Treatment

Osmosis Internal and Topical Treatment

Now you can achieve all of the great results you saw with Catalyst for all skin types!

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Autumn Restore & Revive Skin Care by Daniel Clary

Restore & Revive 
by Daniel Clary, Corporate Educator
It is that time of year again, when the crisp autumn chill beckons us into her comforting yet moisture robbing arms. As we start to brush the sand off our clothes and leave the sunny days of summer behind us, one thing remains to remind us of the extreme environmental factors that ultimately wreak havoc on our skin. Especially now, it is of utmost importance that we pay extra special attention to our daily routine in order to better recover from these previous aggressors, and allow our skin to emerge restored, revived, nourished, and fully prepped for the harsher climates to come. Key measures must be utilized to correct damage, increase proper moisture and hydration levels, gently encourage cellular turnover, feed the skin with anti-oxidants needed to repair and defend against further assault, and effectively restore our vital and protective barrier.
Our arsenal of skin friendly, nutritive, and highly effective ingredients are tailored specifically in the below protocol to target the extra demands needed to face the elemental extremes of changing seasons. As always, just as we feed the skin from the outside, we must do the same from the inside. Focus on an increase of water consumption, omega rich fatty acids, seasonal fruits, and brightly colored vegetables rich in immune boosting antioxidants. Enjoy!
Osmosis Restore & Revive Fall Facial Treatment Protocol
All sizes Back Bar, unless only available retail.
STEP 1 Cleanse with 1 pump Cleanse.
STEP 2 Cleanse with 1 pump Purify.
STEP 3 Mist skin with Clear.
STEP 4  Apply 2 pumps of Catalyst Plus, and 2 pumps of StemFactor to entire face and massage in well adding additional Clear if needed.
STEP 5 Apply 1 pump of Quench to entire face until absorbed.
STEP 6 Apply 1 pump of Shade to entire face until absorbed.
STEP 7 Hydrate eye and lip area

Email for a complimentary consultation

or go to contact us page on

Transforming Your Look for Fall 
by Alejandro Falcon, Artistic Director
Fall is in the air and it’s time to start transitioning your summer look with the changing season. Here are some great colors and tips to try out this Fall. STEP 1 Apply Foundation with a light finish to even out your skin tone. STEP 2 Use the Age Defying Treatment Concealer under the eyes to remove any discoloration. Apply to eyelids as an eye shadow primer. STEP 3 Using the Oval Shadow brush and the Misty Blue trio, apply the midnight blue color to the lid. STEP 4 Changing colors and trios, take the Desert Fire trio and sweep the terra cotta shade on to the crease of the eyes using the Contour Shadow brush. STEP 5 Highlight eyes with lightest color from Misty Blue trio. STEP 6 Line lashes with Black Eye Pencil and Black Defining Mascara. STEP 7 Lightly contour cheeks with Plum Blossom blush, highlighting with Crushed Coral on top, at the cheek area, to brighten the skin. STEP 8 Finish with the Sangria Lip Pencil all over the lips as a matte lip color or add Berry Frost Lip Gloss for a finishing sparkle
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Is your “good” skincare product full of “bad” ingredients?

Common Skincare & Cosmetic Ingredients to Avoid  

Parabens (Propyl, Isopropyl, Butyl, and Isobutylparabens): Parabens are estrogen-mimicking preservatives, found in breast cancer tumors of 19 of 20 women studied. The CDC has detected parabens in virtually all Americans surveyed. According to the European Commission’s Scientific Committee on Consumer Products, longer chain parabens like propyl and butyl paraben and their branched counterparts, isopropyl and isobutylparabens, may disrupt the endocrine system and cause reproductive and developmental disorders.

PEG/Ceteareth/Polyethylene compounds: These synthetic chemicals are frequently contaminated with 1,4-dioxane, which the U.S. government considers a probably human carcinogen and which readily penetrates the skin. Cosmetics makers could easily remove 1,4-dioxane from ingredients, but tests documenting its common presence in products show that they often don’t.

Petroleum distillates: Petroleum-extracted cosmetics ingredients, commonly found in mascara. They may cause contact dermatitis and are often contaminated with cancer-causing impurities. They are produced in oil refineries at the same time as automobile fuel, heating oil and chemical feedstock.

Phthalates: A growing number of studies link this chemical to male reproductive system disorders. Pregnant women should avoid nail polish containing dibutyl phathalate. Everyone should avoid products with “fragrance” indicating a chemical mixture that may contain phthalates.

Resorcinol: Common ingredient in hair color and bleaching products; skin irritant, toxic to the immune system and frequent cause of hair dye allergy. In animal studies, resorcinol can disrupt normal thyroid function. The federal government regulates exposures to resorcinol in the workplace, but its use is not restricted in personal care products.

Retinyl palmitate and retinol (Vitamin A): Vitamin A is an essential nutrient, but excessive amounts can cause severe birth defects if women are exposed during pregnancy New evidence shows that when applied to sun-exposed skin, for instance, in sunscreens, lip products and daytime moisturizers, these compounds can break down and produce toxic free radicals that can damage DNA and cause skin cancer. Recent date from the federal Food and Drug Administration indicate that when retinyl palmitate is applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight, it speeds the development of skin tumors and lesions.
Toluene: Volatile petrochemical solvent and paint thinner and potent neurotoxicant that acts as an irritant, impairs breathing and causes nausea A pregnant woman’s exposure to toluene vapors during pregnancy may impair fetal development. In human epidemiological and animal studies, toluene has been associated with toxicity to the immune system. Some evidence suggests a link to malignant lymphoma.

Call or email today for a COMPLIMENTARY review of your current skincare products and/or skincare consultation. 

  Melinda / (contact us page)

 Benzalkonium chloride: Biocide, preservative and surfactant associated with severe skin, eye, and respiratory irritation and allergies, benzalkonium chloride is a sensitizer especially dangerous for people with asthma or skin conditions like eczema. It is found in many household disinfectants and cleaning supplies. Regular use of products containing antimicrobials such as benzalkonium chloride could lead to development of resistant bacteria.

BHA: The National Toxicology Program classifies butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) as “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen.” It can cause skin depigmentation. In animal studies, BHA produces liver damage and causes stomach cancers such as papillomas and carcinomas and interferes with normal reproductive system development and thyroid hormone levels. The European Union considers it unsafe in fragrance. It is found in food, food packaging, and personal care products sold in the U.S.

DMDM hydantoin & bronopol: (2-Bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3-diol): Cosmetics preservatives that decompose and release formaldehyde , which the International Agency on Research on Cancer lists as a known human carcinogen. The preservatives and their decomposition products, including formaldehyde, can trigger allergic reactions. About one-fifth of U.S. cosmetics and personal care products contain a chemical that releases formaldehyde. Not surprisingly, more Americans develop contact allergies to these ingredients than Europeans.

Formaldehyde: A potent preservative considered a known human carcinogen by the International Agency on Research on Cancer. Formaldehyde, also an asthmagen, neurotoxicant and developmental toxicant, was once mixed into to many personal care products as antiseptic. This use has declined. But some hair straighteners are based on formaldehyde’s hair-stiffening action and release substantial amounts of the chemical. Many common preservatives also release formaldehyde into products (like DMDM hydantoin, quaternium, and urea compounds).

Fragrance: It may help sell products from face cream to laundry detergent, but do you know what’s in it? Fragrances are in everything from shampoo to deodorant to lotion. Federal law doesn’t require companies to list on product labels any of the chemicals in their fragrance mixture. Recent research from EWG and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics found an average of 14 chemicals in 17 name brand fragrance products, none of them listed on the label. Fragrances can contain hormone disruptors and are among the top 5 allergens in the world. Our advice? Buy fragrance free.

Hydroquinone: A skin bleaching chemical that can cause a skin disease called ochronosis, with blue-black lesions that in the worst cases become permanent black caviar-size bumps. In animal studies, hydroquinone has caused tumor development. The National Toxicology Program is conducting reproductive toxicity and dermal carcinogenicity studies of this chemical.

Methylisothiazolinone and methylchloroisothiazolinone: Preservatives, commonly used together in personal care products, among the most common irritants, sensitizers and causes of contact allergy Lab studies on mammalian brain cells suggest that methylisothiazolinone may be neurotoxic.

Oxybenzone: Sunscreen agent and ultraviolet light absorber, found in nearly all Americans , according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In human epidemiological studies, oxybenzone has been linked to irritation, sensitization and allergies. A study of 404 New York City women in the third trimester of pregnancy associated higher maternal concentration of oxybenzone with a decreased birth weight among newborn baby girls but with greater birth weight in newborn boys. Studies on cells and laboratory animals indicate that oxybenzone and its metabolites may disrupt the hormone system.

Triclosan & Triclocarban: Antimicrobial pesticides in liquid soap (triclosan) or soap bars (triclocarban), very toxic to the aquatic environment. often found as contaminants in people due to widespread use of antimicrobial cleaning products. Triclosan disrupts thyroid function and reproductive hormones. American Medical Association and the American Academy of Microbiology say that soap and water serves just as well to prevent spread of infections and reduce bacteria on the skin. Overuse may promote the development of bacterial resistance.

Skin Holistic    

Skin Holistic is dedicated to facilitating skin health and beauty through a combination of holistic and innovative products that target dermal health, provide UV protection and transform through cosmetic correction.





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Melasma – Protocol for Problematic Pigmentation, written by Ben Johnson, MD

Skin Holistic Hyperpigmentation Solutins

Skin Holistic Hyperpigmentation Solutins

MELASMA, also known as the “mask of pregnancy,” is an increasingly common condition and, unfortunately, a difficult one to correct.  Debates exist as to the cause of the problem, but there appears to be a clear link to hormone abnormalities and associated physiologic changes.

Regardless of the internal cause, new topical strategies have been proposed to address cellular dysfunction, and some supplements have shown tremendous promise in improving melasma. This article discusses the long-term effects of existing protocols and what the future looks like for this challenging skin condition.
Potential Causes
Melasma has been connected to the use of birth control pills: one third of all women on birth control develop melasma. Pigmentation from BCPs and pregnancy are likely related to hormone imbalances. Whether the cause is a liver disturbance and the associated hormone conjugation abnormalities, excess hormone-induced fungal overgrowth affecting the melanocyte or simply hormone-induced melanocyte dysfunction has yet to be determined. Research suggests that the link is stronger with elevated progesterone, since menopausal women receiving estrogen do not develop melasma unless progesterone is added to their protocol. Other research has demonstrated that melasma sufferers have an up regulation of estrogen receptors on melanocytes.
Today’s Treatments
Regardless of the cause, the lifetime of significant disfiguring pigmentation impacts the daily lives of melasma sufferers. In addition, their skin is subject to constant abuse from lightening products, steroids and acids—all in an effort to moderate the amount of pigment produced.
Hydroquinone or hydroquinone plus a steroid are two of the most commonly prescribed approaches to melasma. While modest success is achieved from these regimens, the toll placed on the skin does not justify the results. Most physicians admit that neither of those ingredients should be used for extended periods of time—and yet most women do not stop using them in fear of the return of hyper-pigmented lesions. Hydroquinone is toxic to the skin but acts as an effective tyrosinase inhibitor. On one hand, it stimulates melanin (through additional inflammation), but blocks it on the other. The results are often mixed because of this conflict. Presumably, for that reason, a steroid was added to reduce the inflammation associated with hydroquinone. The steroid helps to slow melanin more than hydroquinone alone, but it also thins the skin and promotes scar tissue formation. Hydroquinone can also cause additional, permanent pigmentation through extended use called exogenous ochronosis.
There are other lighteners like kojic acid, arbutin and Sepiwhite but their efficacy is limited by the constant hormone-based stimuli that increase melanocyte activity. Another alternative treatment is repeated laser procedures, which are temporary, painful and expensive to maintain. Peels can certainly cause temporary lightening, but they can also worsen the condition if they are too inflammatory.

Aging Effects of Medication

In addition to the direct inflammation from the ingredients, there is a costly, indirect problem that is rarely discussed—the aging effects of long-term lightening protocols.

Let us examine the aging cycle of an African American. Research shows that compared to Caucasian skin, their skin has an average level of protection equal to SPF 13.4. It makes sense that their inherent SPF protection is the primary reason why most African American clients do not develop wrinkles until 60-plus years of age. We must assume that the secret belongs in the darker skin’s ability to control the level of free-radical damage.

So then what is the effect of a protocol that results in a significant reduction in melanin? I suppose we could argue that this patient has an “SPF 13.6.” This means that clients with reduced pigment production (roughly 40 percent, if effectively suppressed) will burn 13 times faster than others with similar skin types and normal melanin levels. For this reason, it is likely that long-term tyrosinase inhibition (especially if a steroid is included) significantly accelerates aging.

Dealing with Melasma

Most patients with melasma follow anti-fungal protocols with supplements like caprylic acid and prescription anti-fungals. These clients should also adhere to an anti-fungal diet, which includes digesting only complex carbohydrates, keeping other carbohydrates to a minimum, and avoiding yeast-filled products like bread and mushrooms. I have personally witnessed a number of success stories utilizing this diet strategy, but it rarely seems to eliminate all of the excess pigmentation entirely.
So what else can help?
My recommendation for melasma, which is also effective for most other skin conditions, involves avoiding daily exfoliation and promoting a healthy epidermal barrier. This should be a logical approach considering the reduced inflammation that results from it—but very few skin care lines actually agree with the philosophy. Simply put, every time we exfoliate, we increase free radical damage and the likelihood that more pigment is being stimulated. By encouraging turnover through dermal stimulation, something I call “natural exfoliation,” you achieve a better outcome with much less free radical damage and pigment stimulation.

Internal Strategies

Melasma is a lifelong challenge that is often quite socially limiting. The current options commonly employed should not be used for an extended period of time. However, the future looks bright. Focus your clients on internal strategies to assist their topical results. It is certainly better than relying solely on the prospect of lifelong, marginally effective skin creams. With that said, the future of topical therapies is brightening quickly as “zinc finger” technology makes its way into more products.
–This article, written by Ben Johnson, MD, was originally published in Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa – April 2011. Click here to visit their website and view the full article.
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Lip Liner Tips & Tricks

A Reason to Pout

Lip Liner Tips & Tricks Here are some great tips to make your lips appear fuller.
If your lips are small in size but full in shape you can use Osmosis/Skin Holistic Colour Lip Pencil to draw and extend the lip line to make lips look elongated. Fill in the framed area of lips with Nude or Delicate Rose to add depth. Add Aura lip gloss to emphasize fullness. Full Lips
For thin lips, follow the same shape of your lips, just slightly above your  natural lip line. Once outlined for a fuller shape, fill in the lips  with the pencil to hide the natural lip line. Proceed by filling in,  halfway, towards the center of the lips. Finish by adding Bare, Pink Sapphire or Aura lThin Lipsip gloss,  starting at the center of the lips and filling in completely. This will  make your new lip line appear natural and the center of your lips  fuller.
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September is National Skincare Awareness Month


Dr. Johnson’s Corner

Dr. Ben Johnson, MD
Dr. Ben Johnson, MD
The State of Skincare

I couldn’t be more excited to tell you that the trend towards non-inflammatory skincare is picking up steam. Throughout social media and trade shows it is clear that skincare is shifting to more intuitive and supportive treatments. Devices like micro-current and LED are becoming the preferred option over lasers. Even those who promote peels and acids are telling our story of treating the skin from the inside-out. It’s extremely important to be aware of and take care of your skin by keeping it healthy from the inside out without causing inflammation or damage to have long term anti-aging, beautiful skin. Congratulations to all of you early adopters! You are the leaders of the revolution, stand proud and stay confident that your clients are receiving the most complete skincare strategy in the world. Please remember that Osmosis is partnering with your skin and we are your partner in business so reach out to us for help whenever you need it.

Taking Care of Your Skin At Home

Jamie Pamer
Jamie Palmer, BSN, RN
Intensive Home Therapy

Nothing beats the results of twice daily use of Osmosis products at home and monthly Facial Infusions from our great estheticians. But to give skin an additional boost your clients can perform an intensive home therapy once a week using their personal Osmosis products.
For collagen boosting use a Treatment A Serum to accelerate skin turnover, for oxidative protein repair use Restore Topical (this can also be great for an acneic or rosacea treatment to increase immune function in skin).
Clean skin thoroughly with Cleanse, Purify or Deep Clean. Apply a few pumps of Polish and massage into skin for about 3-5 minutes to exfoliate, remove with water or warm damp towel. Using the Treatment A Serum or Restore Topical, take 6 pumps and apply to skin. Massage until tacky then spray Clear and re-massage, repeat until fully absorbed. To enhance this therapy you can use steam by filling up your sink with hot water or use warm damp towels. The key to this treatment is to get the product to penetrate as much as possible to ensure the best result. Once this treatment is fully massaged in you may finish it with a moisturizer, Quench or Quench Plus+, and/or sun protection like Shade or Colour mineral powder.

Restore Internal

Tips & Tricks:

For stubborn hyperpigmentation use this alternative: Clean and exfoliate skin as described above. Use 6 drops of Restore Internal to massage topically to entire face, massage this in thoroughly for about 3-5 minutes then cleanse from skin so that no oil remains.

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Summer Sun, Summer Fun, Summer Skin Protection on the Run

As the sun returns to bathe us in warmth and brighten our days it is also time to think about providing our skin with some protection from the damaging UVA and UVB rays.
Although the sun is essential to our well being by providing vitamin D and possibly reducing our risk of breast cancer we must also be aware that too much exposure puts us at risk for skin cancer, premature skin aging, sun spots, excessive wrinkling, dilated capillaries, uneven complexion etc.

If you have ever read my web bio,  you probably marveled (and giggled) at my naïveté of the long term effects of the sun. Believe it or not I still struggle with moderating my exposure while enjoying a convertible car, gardening and just enjoying summer outdoor activities. “Everything in moderation”, right? Thank goodness I have access to all the great products on the Skin Holistic website.

So what changes do I make in my own skin care routine to protect my fair red headed skin during times of increasing sun exposure?
During the summer months (or on vacations in winter to sun drenched locations).
I stop using retinol/retin A products as well as the Nia Rapid Exfoliation Serum. Instead I exfoliate daily with the Clarisonic Pro , and SH DermaNew360 Wash, in combination with SH Skin Polish,  once a week. I also use the SH Treatment Mask,  once weekly followed by SH Vitamin C Serum,  to leverage the strong anti-oxidant properties of Vitamin C. I moisturizer nightly with one of the three Skin Strengthening products SH Skin Strengthening Serum,  Nia Intensive Recovery Complex,  or Nia Skin Strengthening Complex  For day time moisture I use SH Pure Mineral Tint 30SPF face protection  I get plenty of moisture, 30SPF protection and just enough tint to even out my complexion and I get a completely natural look. I use only Mineral Hygienics,  or Skin Holistic Mineral,   cosmetics since they provide additional sun protection and are all skin healthy. I also wear a protective SH Mineral Lip Tint  In my bag I carry protective lip balm,  and mineral powder to touch up as needed.
Skin Holistic offers so many sun protective choices to protect your skin from over exposure. There is something for everyone! I will highlight just a few that are not included above;
Skin Holistic 30SPF Chemical-Free Face Protector – Perfect under your favorite foundation all year long!
Skin Holistic Colour Tides Mineral Powder Blush Compact
Skin Holistic Gemstone Mineral Finishing Compact
Skin Holistic Liquid Powder Mineral Foundation SPF15
Nia Sun Damage Prevention  

There are plenty more SPF bronzers, concealers, mineral powders etc!


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Skin Holistic Introduces Mineral Hygienics to Product Line

In an effort to bring all that is exceptional in skin health to those that want healthy skin care options I have decided to add Mineral Hygienics to the product offerings at Skin Holistic
I believe this product is an excellent choice for everyone but I believe redheads, sensitive and those with post surgical skin will find this product is a very strong choice.
I got some samples from the company and was very pleased with them. Although at my age I prefer a liquid mineral foundation I had no drying of my sensitive “redhead” skin, no irritation and felt happy with the coverage and appearance of the product. If you are “furry” like I am (with my Finnish heritage) you need to be careful to apply with the grain of the fur (downward strokes) to avoid the product highlighting your furry face, but that is just a technique mastery thing.
Here is some of Mineral Hygienics marketing that made me interested exploring the addition of this product to the Skin Holistic offerings:
Mineral Hygienics is the most natural cosmetic a woman can wear. They are loose powders formulated from crushed minerals extracted from the Earth with no fillers added.
• Does not contain harmful chemical additives, harsh dyes, or man-made fragrances – thus limiting the risk for skin allergies
• Completely free of irritants such as talc, bismuth oxychloride, dyes, parabens, mineral oil, salicylates, carmine, synthetic fragrances, methylparaben, petro-chemicals, and many other questionable chemicals commonly found in other make-up
• Non-organic, inert materials don’t allow mold or fungus to grow, extending the shelf life far beyond most other types of makeup
• Ingredients adhere to the skin’s surface and are not absorbed – so you can have full day coverage without it clogging your pores or building up within your body
• Natural ingredients are recognized by our bodies
• Synergistic blends capable of replenishing, revitalizing, and protecting skin
• So gentle on the skin, it is recommended by Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Estheticians after plastic surgery, dermabrasion and skin resurfacing
• 100% chemical-free natural protection from the sun’s damaging rays
For a skin health junkie this is music to my ears!
I’ve copied some testimonials for you as well:
So relieved!!!

Well, first off I was surprised when my order arrived a few days after buying – to Ireland! I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin & the only make-up I could use without fear of break-outs was Bare minerals. I’d learned to get used to the dry, itchy feeling that the BE bismuth oxychloride left me with, but the Mineral Hygienics is a whole new ballgame. I’m very happy with the natural coverage it gives me….& best of all I love that I can’t feel the make-up on. My face feels very soft, all I can feel is the comfort of my moisturizer. I’m a convert for life!! I’m already recommending it left right & center!
Testimonial By: Tracy Cork Ireland n/a
Pure, Amazing, Cruelty-Free

I had been using various make ups, both mineral and powder, but wanted to upgrade to something higher quality and cruelty free. I almost bought Bare Escentuals as my friend swears by it. I did a search and read about Mineral Hygienics and was so thrilled to see how few ingredients it contained. I also was educated on bismuth oxychloride and will no longer use any products containing it. I have very sensitive, acne-prone skin and now realize what all those chemicals were doing to my skin. I am also vegan and have been trying to slowly convert to cruelty free products. The only thing I’m waiting for from Mineral Hygienics is all synthetic brushes, which customer service told me was coming soon. The customer service is excellent, by the way. I was really skeptical if it would cover and last, but was very pleasantly surprised. I get SO many compliments on my skin now! Just last night at a wedding I had a lady raving to me about how great my complexion was. I sound like a sales rep because I always say, “It’s this amazing makeup!!”
Testimonial By: Alicia
Finally Itch-Free!

I love using mineral makeup, but living in TX, found that other minerals would make my face itch like crazy in the summertime heat. I just got my mineral hygienics today (August 19, 101 degrees) and tried it out. I am thrilled to say “no itching” and the coverage is great. I have very fair skin and with other minerals containing bismuth would get (in addition to the itching & irritation) redness that was only exacerbated by the minerals. The coverage with Mineral Hygienics is wonderful (no redness), without being heavy looking, even after being out in the heat. I will gladly recommend Mineral Hygienics to anyone! Thanks!!!
Testimonial By: Kathleen
Best Mineral Foundation so far
I bought the starter kit about 6 months ago and have been hooked ever since. Every once in a while I get caught up in make-up ads that promise all these wonderful things and I will buy it (go off my mineral hygienics)and be disappointed. I have very oily skin, so finding something that doesn’t grease out or get patchy and in my laugh lines by the end of the day is hard. I do wish it would last longer during the day,because I don’t like reapplying, but I got the finishing powder this time, so hopefuly that will help. I suggest anyone who is tired of testing out every foundation on the market, to try this. I works well with any kind of facial lotions, under eye creams and facial serums your using. I also blend some of the sun kissed bronzer with the foundation during the summer months to add more color all over.
Testimonial By: Trude Gersitz
My Favorite Mineral Makeup Brand

I have been a long-time fan of mineral powder foundations and makeup. I hate the way liquid foundation feels, so when this kind of makeup came on the scene, I was one happy Diva. I’ve tried some great products, and some not-so-great products, but was recently introduced to a new line that has instantly become my absolute FAVORITE new brand: Mineral Hygienics.

This stuff is like BUTTAH. Seriously. It goes on so smooth and silky and gives me the nicest, most natural looking color. I got their starter kit along with their Cool Kiss Mineral Bronzer and Glow Mineral Illuminizer. For a fair-skinned Irish gal like myself, I was duly impressed that the makeup gave me a nice, subtle glow. I looked natural – not orange-y. And the best part? I didn’t need to re-apply all day. The coverage was great all day long. No shine, just a nice, even complexion.

I think the reason that I like these products so much is the texture, though. It’s really, really smooth and silky and super-easy to apply without looking like a cake-y mess.
Testimonial By: Diva Taunia

So excited!

I have been using another brand of mineral make-up which I loved until I did some research on the effects of bismuth. After much research, I ordered a Mineral Hygienics Starter Kit (very impressed with the idea of the money-back guarantee). I didn’t think I’d find a mineral make-up I’d be as happy with as my previous brand but thought that it would be a worthwhile sacrifice not to be using bismuth. Mineral Hygienics has surpassed my expectations well and truly! The color is perfect, the cover is as full as I like it to be and it has a lovely matte yet radiant finish. It stays on all day and I do not look really shiny after a few hours like I did with my old make-up. Thank you, thank you…I could not be happier!
Testimonial By: Emilie
Finally satisfied!

My skin is 28 years old, very fair with pink undertones – which become more than undertones in my nose area and that is what I need covered up, as well as the occasional pimple and other minor imperfections. I am tired of fluid foundations (MAC, Clinique, Chanel etc.), as they tend to stay a little too fluid on my skin, and wont saturate unless I use plenty of powder, making me look very made up.

So I gave in to the mineral foundation hype and this is what I learned:

I have tried:
Smashbox Halo mineral foundation, their lightest color is too dark, and it gathers around my nostrils, and leaves my nose otherwise not covered and shiny.
Bare Minerals which caked on my skin after a few hours, and the foundation colors are too yellow for my fair complexion.
Lily Lolo also caked on my skin after a few mere hours, and it looked very “makeupy” even though the colors were great. It also made me break out on my cheeks, which is usually not a problem area for me.

Now I have found Mineral Hygienics! It stays where I put it, and I only need to reapply the finishing powder after wearing a mask during some processes at work. I use Bare Minerals Bisque as a concealer on top of my foundation still, as it works well, but when it is empty I will buy Mineral Hygienics!
Testimonial By: Britt Denmark
Perfect for Australia!

I have searched for makeup that looks like I am wearing nothing, this is the only one that fits the bill! I order it from Australia, and it comes usually within the week. It is light and non greasy and stays on even after the gym. I highly recommend it!
Testimonial By: Elizabeth B.
What a difference!

I have always been complimented on the peaches and cream skin I was born with. Well, times are changing. I am now entering my 40s and my fair skin has fought the good fight as well as it can against the pollution, sun and my not so hot bad habits. I had a facial done recently and I was shocked at the extractions and the damage my skin really had. They recommended I use mineral makeup. I searched and reviewed all brands online and decided to go with Mineraly Hygienics. I am so glad I did! I am starting to receive those wonderful compliments again and I love never having to touch up my makeup during the day like I used to before. I also love that I didn’t have to spend more money than I was paying before but this time, it’s delivered to me. I look forward to trying more of your products!
Testimonial By: Lorena Houston Texas ________________________________________

THANK GOD FOR THIS MAKEUP.Acne is terrrrible and embarassing. This is the only product that has cleared my skin. I used bare minerals for about 3 years and broke out so badly. Now after doing my research I know why, Bismuth Oxychloride. This is the only mineral makeup that doesnt have it, or about 20 other ingredients along with it! Only thing I am able to use and only thing I will ever use again, Please do not ever discontinue this business. It is BY far the BEST
Testimonial By: Nicole Peoria IL


I love this product, I am a licensed cosmetologist and have worked with all kinds of cosmetics. Mineral Hygienics is the best. It stays on all day and is healthy for your skin, I get so many compliments on my skin, this is the only thing I will use for myself and my clients.
Testimonial By: Tina Reina belvidere NJ Belvidere Day Spa
Best Makeup Ever!

I have incredibly sensitive skin and an extremely fair complexion. It took me years to find makeup that even matched my skin! Unfortunately, the makeup that matched my skin made my skin break out. Finally, I decided it was time for me to try mineral makeup. I had heard that mineral makeup was better for people with sensitive skin. I did my research, read articles, as well as testimonies. Again and again, Mineral Hygienics was the brand that kept coming out as #1 with the best customer reviews. I decided to give it a shot. I’m so glad I did! The makeup provides great coverage, and it doesn’t bother my skin! My skin is actually looking better than before! I am so happy that I gave Mineral Hygienics a chance. I would highly recommend it for anyone with sensitive skin or anyone who has trouble finding the right shade. Thank you Mineral Hygienics! You have truly saved my face!
Testimonial By: Elizabeth Long Saint Louis Missouri

Couldn’t ask for more!

I pretty much had given up on trying to find the “perfect” makeup. The trouble with my skin is 1. I am extremely prone to breakouts, 2. I have olive skin which doesn’t work with most makeup tones, and 3. I have really uneven skin coloring and acne scarring so I need decent coverage, but also don’t want to look like I’m wearing a mask either. No makeup has ever met all my requirements, until now! Thank you so much Mineral Hygienics, I haven’t had skin this healthy since I was a kid! Not only that but their exchange policy is great, they take the risk out of shopping online and make finding your ideal shade so easy. I’ve tried other mineral makeup brands in the past and they all ended up in the trash. I figured all mineral makeup was the same but thought I’d try Mineral Hygienics after reading some comments and reviews. So glad I took a chance on you guys! I am singing your praises from the rooftops!
Testimonial By: Kristin Menath San Diego CA
I’m a believer!
I have tried many organic types of make-up over the years trying to find something that would look natural, but also provide adequate coverage for acne break-outs. Inevitably, I would end up resorting to using some form of talc concealer or foundation because of organic or mineral make-up sliding off of my face by mid-day.

After trying Mineral Hygienics for a little over a month, I am so impressed with the coverage and overall condition of my skin. I am not using any additional coverage or concealer for acne and finding my skin looking healthier and clearer every day.

I do not take the time to “write testimonies” unless I am highly impressed with a product. So far, I have been delighted with this one. When I first received my two trial foundation colors, both were too dark for my skin tone and I called customer service before returning them. The customer service person was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. He made sure the right shades were exchanged for my two foundations and they were promptly mailed to me the next week.

I will be recommending this product and company to other women. I’m a believer!!
Testimonial By: Valerie McFadden Atlanta GA

Simply Amazing!

I am truly impressed by the flawless coverage I experienced with Mineral Hygienics! My face still felt clean and fresh, even with makeup on! I believe that Mineral Hygienics have lived up to their awards and reputation. It is well worth your money to experience the best, especially since I have tried all the rest! Enjoy! Tara
Testimonial By: Tara Runkle

Your Makeup Rocks!!!

Dear Mineral Hygienics:

Your makeup rocks and let me tell you why! I’m a realtor, landlord, interior designer and am never afraid to get my hands dirty when the heater goes out. Coincidently, Most of my clients don’t get quite as excited as I do about applying a little elbow grease, so it is imperative that I’m looking my best when finished with a job or running between appointments.

In the past, I would have to constantly touch up my makeup throughout the day. After switching to your product, every time I looked in the mirror it was perfect! I never had to do a thing! Your minerals provide better coverage, they match my skin tone, last longer than anything I’ve ever used, and are super light weight! My clients even noticed that I looked more refreshed, even though I hadn’t change a thing in my routine! Your makeup does everything you claim and more. I’ve used Color Science, Sisley, Perscriptives, Jane Iredale, Bare Minerals, and Glow and not single company has even come close to blowing away my expectations!

Thanks a bunch for a great product and great service!
Minnesota Realtor
Testimonial By: Jordan Nelson Woodbury U.S.A.

Mineral Hygienics has exceeded every expectation!!!

After reading my own words, I realize that I must preface my testimonial with this statement: I am a very down-to-earth person who is NOT prone to gushing or exaggeration! I promise that every word I have written is exactly how I feel…
After unsatisfactorily using Bare Minerals for a long time, I decided to research what else was out there. Upon finding MINERAL HYGIENICS, I knew immediately that my search was over just by reading about the ingredients they use – and do not use! This is the only company out there making mineral makeup that does not use BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE – a byproduct of lead and copper – in any of their products; nor does MINERAL HYGIENICS utilize talc, dyes, parabens, mineral oil, salicylates, carmine, synthetic fragrances, or anything else that is potentially harmful. Because I have a degree in Biochemistry, I can say for a fact that what IS NOT on their ingredient list is just as important as what is!
Before placing my first order, I called MINERAL HYGIENICS with some questions regarding the proper shades for me. Wow, the customer service blew me away! Not only does this company NOT use an automated service, but they called me back within five minutes of my message! Additionally, their service representative provided more help than I could have expected from anyone – they really know their product – as well as the other products on the market! They did everything possible to ensure a good match to my skin tone. Now THAT is customer service, the likes of which does not seem to exist anymore.
After receiving my order and trying everything, I realized immediately why this company believes, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that their product line is the best one out there – IT DEFINITELY IS. One of the foundations matched my skin tone perfectly – which has never happened to me before! And the quality of the minerals in all the products are so finely-milled they almost vaporize into the air! The MINERAL HYGIENICS foundation, although seemingly invisible on my skin, paradoxically covers more imperfections than a thick concealer! How this is possible. . . I have no idea.
I cannot even begin to explain what a gem of a company this is – a company that actually delivers even more than what they, themselves, proclaim! I believe that anyone who uses mineral makeup or wants to try it, absolutely MUST try MINERAL HYGIENICS. In my mind, there is no other company out there that makes TRUE mineral makeup. MINERAL HYGIENICS has exceeded every expectation I have had in every area – and that is why I have become their newest loyal customer.

Testimonial By: Sherri Lynn Triolo Mesa Arizona

Keeps up with “On-the-Go” Gal!

I have tried so many foundations, powders, creams, etc. and never found anything that will stay with me on-the-go. I tried Mineral Hygienics for the first time this summer on the way to the pool. It was a 95 degree day and I was chasing my little girl around all afternoon. I came home to find my face still looking great! Unbelievable. I felt comfortable enough to join friends out to eat right after the pool adventure. NEVER would I have done that before this product!

The second test I have put my make-up through is my job. I work 12.5 hr. shifts as an ER/Trauma RN. My job requires me to put on masks, sweat from high-stress situations, physically run around the department from one duty to the next. My Mineral Hygienics stays with me all day and night with the next shift coming in and saying, “you look like you just got here”! Now that is amazing and quite a confidence builder! ER/Trauma Nurse Montana
Testimonial By: Lisa Reich

Perfect under the HOT studio lights

I am super impressed with your Minerals! I report the evening news for CBS and it is important that my makeup continues to look fresh throughout the day. Running around all day following stories can take a toll on my appearance. Like most reporters, I was constantly redoing my makeup before I went live on camera! Mineral Hygienics is the first product I’ve used that doesn’t require touch-ups. It provides exception coverage and continues to look great all day! I never need to do any touch-ups! In the past my face would start to shine under the hot studio lights. Since switching to Mineral Hygienics I continue to look great! Thank you so much!!!
Testimonial By: Kate R. Minneapolis Minnesota
Works great with my sensitive skin

I just started using Mineral Hygienics a few weeks ago & really like it! It works with my extremely sensitive & allergy-prone skin. The coverage looks great as well. Much better than the Jane Iredale I tried prior to MH! Thank you!
Testimonial By: Amy F Champaign Illinois
Very Sensitive Skin

I have very very sensitive skin and this is the only makeup that I’ve found to not irritate my skin. It covers all the imperfections but feels so light on my face that I sometimes forget that I’m wearing anything at all. I get numerous complements on my complexion and I have already recommended this product to 3 of my friends who have sensitive and problematic skin as well. Thank you for creating this amazing makeup.
Testimonial By: Karina M. Los Angeles CA

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